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NEW TOUCH 360 Wave Brush and Du Rag Combo

NEW TOUCH 360 Wave Brush and Du Rag Combo

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Your search ends here with the NewTouch 360 Camouflage Wave Brush and Du Rag combo! 🙌

Get Deeper Waves: Our 360 medium camouflage curve wave brush, made of wood with 100% boar bristles, is your secret weapon for achieving those perfect waves.

😓 No More Wave Worries: We understand the struggle of trying to get your waves just right. It's time to say goodbye to the hassle!

🌟 Wave Like a Pro: Achieving the perfect wave is now a breeze. Simply brush your hair forward on the top and downwards at the sides and back for great results.

Du Rag Variety: We've got you covered with not one, not two, but three silky premium camouflage Du rags! Get them in green, yellow, and gray colors to match your style.

🔥 Upgrade Your Wave Game: Take your wave game to the next level and get the fresh, stylish look you've always wanted.

Ready to ride the wave of success? Grab your NewTouch 360 Wave Brush and Du Rag combo today and step up your wave game like a pro! 🌊

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