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Razor Bump Solution For Ingrowth Hair.

Razor Bump Solution For Ingrowth Hair.

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Razor Bump Solution aForHair Ingrowth Repair Serum Reduce Redness Liquid After Shave Lotion Men And Women.  

1).RELIEF FOR IRRITATION FROM SHAVING – Sooth Razor burns and Ingrown hair pain by cooling down your skin with the LANTHOME Razor
Bump Stopper. Our formula soothes irritation from shaving, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis and laser removal.
APPEARANCE AFTER HAIR REMOVAL – The LANTHOME formula reduces razor bumps and also lightens the color of the skin that’s caused by
ingrown hair, and razor burns.
3). PREVENT INGROWN HAIR – Not only does our formula sooth irritation from ingrown hair, it also prevents future ingrown hair when
used daily after waxing or shaving.
4). EASY APPLICATION – Roll on bottle makes sure that the LANTHOME Razor Bump Stopper liquid is evenly distributed quickly and
prevents dripping.
5). SUITS BOTH MAN AND WOMAN – The LANTHOME formula is suitable for both man and woman, giving anyone smooth, bright and soothed
skin after hair removal.
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