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Rechargeable Airbrush Mini Air Compressor Spray Gun Kit

Rechargeable Airbrush Mini Air Compressor Spray Gun Kit

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this is mainly used to clear the debris on the trimmers and anything else that affects the performance of the barbers tools. 

🔋 Longer Usable Time: Just like your mobile phone, a single charge gives you 30-50 minutes of cordless freedom. No need to worry about finding a power source – it's ready when you are.

🎒 Portable Power: This one-handed rechargeable airbrush and air pump are compact enough to fit in your backpack or pocket. Take it with you on the go, and keep your trimmers clean and debris-free.

 Easy to Use: With a curved and ergonomic design, this portable airbrush compressor is comfortable to hold. It's been tested for optimal performance and longer service life. Simply load your spray material, press the switch button, and you're ready to work your magic.

💨 Strong Atomization Function: The upgraded compressor and single-acting spray gun deliver a constant airflow. When you're ready to use it, just flip the trigger on the spray gun and let the magic happen.

🔌 USB Rechargeable: Charge it up using your computer, charger, or power bank with the included USB charging cable.

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